You're in a sacred space to finally make your magic. To be you. And just create. 

(Without worrying what others think.)

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 I've been expecting you. Welcome, dear.


I’m also a licensed teacher, energy healer and magic-maker.

So I’ve created all of this (even the artsy stuff!) to help you get unstuck. To awaken your spirit a tad. And teach you the intuitive ways. I can also help you get your ass in gear if need be.  Because it’s time to dig deep.  And stop that uncertainty! You can book a reading now for one-of-a-kind guidance. Or take a look around if you need to settle in some. Focus on yourself for a bit.  It’s not selfish – it’s necessary for your sanity. 

So, shall we?


Psychic Reading

We all have the ability to receive messages for ourselves (yes, even you).  But sometimes we can get in our own way.  Allow me to be the medium and pass on messages to you from Spirit and your Higher Self.

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The Blog

This isn’t any old bland blog.  If you want to discover the goddess, sage, or witchy wise woman within, then you’ll reveal it here time and time again.  Beware though!  You might just find what it is you’ve been searching for. 

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Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a sacred tool for understanding what lies within.  They can be used to help you heal, show you the next steps, and to comfort your concerns.  What will the oracle reveal to you?


“I went in feeling very down which I didn't express to her right away. She then shared her visions and they were right on. Tabitha is truly a healer.”

Erin Sobony
Artist & Librarian


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Your inner magic’s been hidden for long enough.  Haven’t you been paying attention?  She’s calling for you to listen to your intuition and create your life however you wish.  Tap into your best self and go for it!

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The Blog is where it's at.

Imagine getting some good insight into your life. Well, you're about to. Dig into The Blog and see what its symbolic images and messages have to offer you. 

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